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A Spring Yoga Sequence To Recharge & Refresh

Spring is about birth and renewal. It’s about coming out of the winter closet, dusting off our sandals and sundresses, and cleaning out the cupboards. It’s an opportunity to greet the fresh, green world with wonder and vigour. And it’s best to do that with a body and mind tuned to the refuelling energy of spring.

Practice this spring yoga sequence to squeeze, tighten, stretch and lengthen your body as you renew yourself after a long winter.


The best way to start your spring cleanse yoga sequence is with a refreshing sun salutation. As the sun stays longer in the sky, let’s give thanks and welcoming to its much-needed presence. Follow the video above for the complete sun salutation routine. Do the sequence as many times as you need in the beginning or throughout your practice to add flow and rhythm



In the sun salutation, you completed a forward fold with legs together. Now add a forward fold with legs apart as you transition your practice to the ground. Stand with your feet about four feet apart. Ground the outer edges of your feet into your mat. Tighten the front of your thighs and draw your torso forward with a flat back. Bend your knees and grab the outer edges of your feet once your back starts to round. Straighten your legs and lift your hips to stretch the backside of your body. But keep a slight bend in the knee to protect the back.


Slowly raise out of the forward fold. Bring your feet together. Stand in mountain pose (feet together, legs straight, back straight) for a moment. Then separate your feet about two feet apart and squat into malasana pose. Place your hands in prayer position as you press your elbows back against your knees to stretch open your groin.


Slowly come out of malasana. Place your hands on the ground and lower one knee at a time to the mat. With your knees directly beneath your hips and your hands/arms extending directly below your shoulders breathe in as you a lift your head up, and arch your back towards the ground with your hips reach for the sky. Then breathe out as you round your back toward the sky and tuck your chin to chest. Do this three times.



Turn around and lie down on your back. Draw your feet in, flat on the mat, beneath your knees. Your hands flat at your side, fingertips touching your heels. Lift into your hips into bridge or straight into wheel pose, if you’re able to. Strengthen your glutes as you open and stretch the front body.


Return to lying flat on your mat. Bend up one kneed. Place your foot next to the other knee. Tuck your toes behind your knee. Use your hand to guide your bent knee over the flat leg to rest the knee on the ground on the opposite side as you twist. Raise the guiding hand/arm into the air and twist the upper body in the opposite direction. Rest your hand on the floor. Look in the direction of your hand. Repeat on the other side.


Your final pose is a rest and integration pose. Simply lie flat on your mat with your legs hip to mat width distance apart. Your arms rest flat on the ground, out to your sides. Breathe. Meditate on your breath and the relaxation of your body.