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5 Pillars Of Finding A True Love Connection

Are you single and looking for true love? Or in a relationship, but hoping to establish a deeper, more intimate connection with your partner? These yogic practices can help, along with the following tips for finding your soul mate.

1. Date mindfully

The key to a positive dating experience is to connect with like-minded people who share your interests. Ask questions that really help you get to know someone, and being authentic about your interest in potential partners (or lack thereof).

2. Practice yoga (alone and with your partner)

Yoga helps you get to know your body--and the more intimacy you have with yourself, the better intimacy you can have with someone else. The more aware you are of sensations and feelings, the more you feel and experience everything going on during intercourse. Yoga also helps you tune out distractions and be present in the moment, bringing your mind back to your partner, she adds. Yoga leads to better sex and helps you tune in to your needs and the needs of your partner, during lovemaking and all day long.


3. Consult a psychic advisor

An intuitive psychic reader can help you discover if your love is unrequited, or if you have a relationship that is no longer serving you. A skilled reader can also help you understand why you attach to unavailable partners who can't love you the way you love them, and find your true soul mate! Whether you’re wondering if it’s time to move on, or if your true love is waiting around the corner, a psychic reading could be the key to gaining the clarity you need on the future of your love life.

4. Be yourself

When it comes to finding true connection, it's important to be yourself. You can't pretend to be anyone else for very long. And be careful of falling in love with someone else's potential or what you think they could be or should be. Sometimes, the truth can be hard to see when it's clouded by our love for another person.

5. Meditate.

Meditation helps you relieve stress, and the less stressed you are, the more capable you are of being fully present with your partner. A meditation practice helps you to be more in touch with what's happening "in the moment" and more aware of others’ feelings, boosting your empathy and compassion and helping you connect on a deeper level with your partner.