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10 Reasons You Should Eat Blueberries Every Day

Blueberries packed with enormous health advantages. For new blueberries, spring and summer are prime seasons. But there are excellent reasons to eat them throughout the year, and a freezer can be a great help.

Blueberries are filled with highly beneficial antioxidants and phytonutrients. These include the capacity to decrease harm to DNA, prevent aging, regulate cholesterol levels, and may decrease cancer risk. They also assist reinforce bones, decrease acne, decrease blood pressure, control diabetes and enhance heart health. They can also assist enhance brain health, encourage weight loss, and soothe inflammation, considered a superfood.

1. Fight Cancer with Berries

An active ingredient anthocyanin, a potent flavonoid antioxidant in blueberries that may help protect you from serious illness like cardiovascular illness, neurodegenerative disease and cancer. A recent research showed that pterostilbene, a blueberry ingredient, can help protect against colon cancer. The scientists, from New Jersey's Rutgers University, demonstrated the capacity of pterostilbene to suppress the development of colon tumors and important inflammatory markers.


2. Reduce Inflammation

Persistent inflammation impacts so many individuals in the form of arthritis (and associated joint problems), skin problems, metabolic syndrome, and potentially even higher risk of the worst illnesses noted above. In a latest research, obese rats eating the human equivalent of eight weeks of two cups of wild blueberries per day encountered a considerably enhanced inflammatory response.

3. Maintain Brain Health

Flavonoids function to safeguard your entire body's cells, including neurons, nerve cells that transmit thoughts, emotions, memories, and more. Keeping these key players in top form will, so to speak, keep you on your toes. Research indicates that a blueberries or blueberry extract diet can improve memory function, equilibrium, and coordination.

4. Improve Skin Health

For the health of collagen, the support structure of your skin, vitamin A and C in blueberries are necessary. Consuming foods that are rich in these nutrients can assist slow wrinkles, sagging, and dark circles to develop. There is also water in the berries that keeps the skin hydrated, bouncy and youthful.


5. Provides healthy antioxidants

Blueberries are rich source of antioxidants. In research after research, blueberries outrank other powerhouses as far as their complete antioxidant activity is concerned, such as strawberries, cranberries, blackberries and apples. If you really want to get specific — blueberries growing as their grown counterparts in the wild bag at least twice the dietary value. Indeed, for their research, many scientists choose wild blueberries as they are known to be so much more powerful.

6. They’re tough.

Blueberries are small, sweetest and nutritionally wealthy in the wild. Struggling to flourish in the cold temperatures. This survival fight produces a particularly hardy fruit packed with mega-dose antioxidants and medicinal compounds.

7. Delicious Berry

The biggest component of blueberries is they have a great flavour. Incorporate them into your cereal, yogurt, smoothie, ice cream, muffin or anything else, and you're sure to overcome your meal's delish factor. One tip: In taste exams, wild blueberries tend to do better than the bigger grown species, so purchase them when available!


8. They’re All Give, No Take

Fruits such as pineapple and grenade are healthy and delicious. They're a pain, too. All the peeling and chopping and discarding — you've got to literally put muscle in your breakfast harvest. It can be worth the labor. But compare that with blueberries: all you need to do is rinse and dump into a bowl or swallow them by the handful. Like sweets!

9. Can Store for Long time

Blueberries are so hard that their dietary energy is not harmed by maintaining them. Buy them dried or frozen, or get them fresh and maintain them yourself — they're going to stay for months. Aloha's Daily Good Greens includes plenty of wild blueberry goodness, a easy dried-powder pack that you can carry anywhere.

10. Kids Most Favourite

Monkey see, monkey do—especially when what you’re doing is eating something sweet, delicious and toddler-sized! Think of the wonders all those healthy antioxidants can do for your child’s young, developing body and mind. Snack time: solved.